Ophthalmologists CLK GROUP Turin

News for ophthalmology in Turin: theĀ CLK Group is born.
Main office: Corso Galileo Ferraris 120-g Turin Tel. 011501234
Surgical office: Via Amedeo Vespucci 61 Turin at the Pinna Pintor Clinic – Monza Polyclinic Group

Dr. Maria Elisa Scarale together with Dr. Renata Migliardi and a group of first-rate ophthalmologist colleagues and with the help of cutting-edge equipment and methods will guarantee all patients the best diagnostic and therapeutic performance.

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The CLK services provided at the facility cover all aspects of ophthalmology:

Eye examinations (refraction, tonometry, fundus examination, orthoptic examination, biomicroscopic examination)
Eyelid surgery
Lacrimal apparatus surgery
Corneal surgery (no transplant)
Lens surgery
Surgery of extraocular muscles
Vitreous retinal surgery
Plastic and reconstructive eye surgery
Manual and computerized perimetry
Corneal topography
Endothelial cell count
Schirmer’s test
Macular Computed Optical Tomography (OCT) (macular hole diagnosis, etc.)
Papillary Computed Optical Tomography (OCT)
Bulbar ultrasound
Argon Treatments – Laser
Yag Treatments – Laser
Hess Screen

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